Jefferson Memorial D.C. Elopement

On a rainy spring day, Emma and Connor had a Washington, D.C. Elopement at the Jefferson Memorial. After exploring some classic DC locations nearby, they shared a small ceremony with their immediate families before a brunch celebration. 

If you are getting married at the Jefferson Memorial, you’ll need to get a permit from the National Park Service ahead of time and remember to follow all leave no trace principles to help take care of D.C.’s great memorials and monuments for everyone to enjoy! Want to elope in Washington, D.C. but not sure where to elope or how to submit a wedding permit? Don’t worry! As an experienced D.C. Elopement Photographer I help all the couples I work with to pick the best elopement locations and work through any logistics they may need help with so they can truly focus on what matters most and enjoy the whole elopement experience! 

Their Love Story

Emma & Connor met while working together virtually, him in Chicago and her in DC. They like to say Connor “charmed her over Webex” and the rest was history. 

After they were together for a few years, Connor pursued a new career path in the Marines. When they found out he was going to be abroad for a year, they decided they wanted to get married beforehand and planned a simple but personal elopement in Washington, D.C. with their families. With very relaxed personalities they loved the ease of an elopement and choosing something that was meaningful without the attention and pressures that can come from a traditional wedding.

Bride and groom standing in the rain with umbrella and magnolia trees
DC Elopement Smithsonian Gardens 2 scaled
DC Elopement Smithsonian Gardens 5
DC Elopement Smithsonian Gardens 4

 Smithsonian Gardens Wedding Portraits

The morning of the elopement it was pouring rain, but even the inclement weather didn’t put a damper on Emma & Connor’s joy. They embraced the rain and we walked around the Enid A Haupt Smithsonian Gardens where their famous magnolia blossoms were starting to bloom. Even in the rain the colors of the blooms gave a warmth to the day. 

DC Elopement Smithsonian Gardens 7 scaled
DC Elopement Smithsonian Gardens 6
DC Elopement Smithsonian Gardens 8
DC Elopement Smithsonian Gardens 11
DC Elopement Smithsonian Gardens 9 scaled

Union Station D.C. Elopement

After we explored the grounds taking portraits we started to get cold and decided to change gears and go somewhere a little warmer for more portraits. This is one of my favorite things about elopements- the flexibility and time to go with the flow and do things that a couple enjoys and makes their day more memorable. That’s really what it’s about isn’t it- making memories instead of just posing for photos? 

We arrived at Union Station, and got to take a quick break and get some warm coffee from Blue Bottle. After we warmed up, we took some portraits inside the beautiful building and outside with the arches and architecture. 

Union Station DC Elopement 1
Union Station DC Elopement 3
Union Station DC Elopement 2
Union Station DC Elopement 7
Union Station DC Elopement 8
Union Station DC Elopement 5
bride and groom walking in union station dc
Union Station DC Elopement 6
Union Station DC Elopement 13
Union Station DC Elopement 9 scaled
Union Station DC Elopement 11
Union Station DC Elopement 12
Union Station DC Elopement 14
Union Station DC Elopement 16
Union Station DC Elopement 15

Jefferson Memorial D.C. Elopement Ceremony

After Union Station, we headed over to Jefferson Memorial and met up with their immediate families who were joining for the ceremony. They were all prepared with umbrellas and were so happy to see the couple everyone was filming them and hugging them in joyful anticipation. While we were walking, Emma asked her grandma to hold onto her rings and flowers during the ceremony and it was a really sweet moment. 

Because of the rain we moved to have the ceremony under cover where the couple exchanged vows and rings. Then they got to celebrate with their favorite cupcakes from Baked and Wired in Georgetown. 

Washington DC Elopement 1
Washington DC Elopement 3
Washington DC Elopement 2
Jefferson memorial bride and groom vows
Washington DC Elopement 9
Washington DC Elopement 13
Washington DC Elopement 14
Washington DC Elopement 7
Washington DC Elopement 17 scaled
Washington DC Elopement 16
Washington DC Elopement 20
Washington DC Elopement 21
Washington DC Elopement 18
Washington DC Elopement 19
Washington DC Elopement 5
Washington DC Elopement 23
Washington DC Elopement 24
Washington DC Elopement 25
Classic DC Elopement 2
Classic DC Elopement 1
Jefferson Memorial Elopement DC 7
Jefferson Memorial Elopement DC 2
Jefferson Memorial Elopement DC 1
Jefferson Memorial Elopement DC 8 scaled
Jefferson Memorial Elopement DC 3
Jefferson Memorial Elopement DC 5
Jefferson Memorial Elopement DC 12
Jefferson Memorial Elopement DC 6
Jefferson Memorial Elopement DC 11
Jefferson Memorial Elopement DC 4
Jefferson Memorial Elopement DC 15
Jefferson Memorial Elopement DC 9


Ceremony Venue: Jefferson Memorial

Florals: Little Acres Flowers

Cupcakes: Baked and Wired

DC Elopement Photographer: Evergreen Photo