Have you always thought eloping meant running away in secret or getting married in a cheap Vegas drive-thru?  Good news, the definition has changed! 

Eloping today is about freedom. Choosing to elope is simply a brave, bold choice to go against tradition and do something that feels truly tailored to who you are.


Elopements give you the freedom and flexibility to spend your WHOLE day together, soaking in every experience and detail you planned with the love of your life. Not rushed or stressed, just taking the time to do the things you love most with the people closest to you.

How much more do you think you’d remember your day then?

There's another way

If you had 200 guests at your wedding and only spent 90 seconds talking to each person it would still take you FIVE HOURS. 

At traditional weddings, many couples rush through their day stressed about all the details, barely getting to spend time with their partner or even eating their food!

let's do the math

Have you ever considered...

time for some real talk



Time Together


When you choose to elope, you get MORE:




Epic Portraits

Ask yourselves, where and when do we feel most alive? Most happy? Most comfortable? Most like ourselves? 

Start there! It’s really that simple.

You now have the freedom and opportunity to invest in a few incredible experiences that matter the most to you, instead of spending thousands of dollars on details you don’t care about. 

Where would you be?
What would you do?
Who would be with you?
How do you celebrate?

One of the best things about elopements is that they are so customizable and can truly look however you want.  

Here’s the best way to start… 
Close your eyes & take a deep breath.
Now start to imagine the BEST day you could have with your partner.

You can create an elopement experience as unique as your love story 

Do something epic and charter a helicopter to take you to an isolated dream location with just the two of you (and me!) 

Wake up before the sun to hike to your favorite spot together and write your vows as the sun rises. Then enjoy a day full of adventure in the outdoors!

Spend the whole weekend on a glamping adventure! Rest in the hammocks and have your first dance in front of a bonfire - s'mores and whiskey are encouraged. 

Spend the day exploring new city spots together. Then rent out your favorite coffee shop or rooftop bar where you had your first date to celebrate with your family and friends. 

Get ready together after cooking breakfast in your home. Read love letters on the couch and party in the backyard. 


"From the moment my husband and I found Bekah’s instagram/portfolio online we were so blown away and very eager to get in touch with her. She is so kind and has such a calming presence, we felt like we’d known her forever and couldn’t wait to work together. Throughout the entire process she was absolutely amazing, kept open communication with us, helped us choose photos locations, and was always supportive and accommodating. When our wedding finally came she went totally above and beyond for us and made sure that no matter what was happening we took the time to pause and truly enjoy each moment. Bekah’s talent is just unreal and we are so grateful to have gotten the opportunity to work with her. Her presence her was truly one of the greatest highlights of our wedding. Please don’t hesitate and hire Bekah, it’ll be one of the best things you do!"

- Jenna & Ray

'The next day she sent us previews and the happy tears immediately started pouring. They were so gorgeous and more than we could’ve ever imagined!'

"I cannot think of the words to even describe the level of professionalism, skill and all around care that Bekah put into our wedding day photography. We are so incredibly grateful for all that she did for us and how she seemed to perfectly incapsulate every emotion and precious moment from our big day. When things were not going as planned Bekah was calm, cool and collected and made sure we I was okay with any of the plan changes. She was so kind and accommodating when we wanted to shift things around and helped us problem solve when my huge (and slow moving) family threw a wrench in things. I am in love with every single photo she took and we are so so happy to have selected her. We will definitely be using her again for any future life moments we want captured!!"

- Oona & Michael

'I may just have to make up a reason so I can experience the pleasure of working with Bekah again.'

"Choosing Bekah was a no brainer. Not only is she extremely hardworking and talented, but she has the sweetest, kindest soul. She genuinely cares about each couple and puts so much effort in her edits. We just got our wedding photos back and we are so pleased and amazed. We have gotten countless compliments. She is also extremely organized. I filled out a questionnaire before the wedding day, so she knew generally what pictures I definitely wanted, but what's more is she was amazing at remembering pictures I had asked for day of on the fly! You will not be disappointed. We cannot thank her enough!!"

- Hannah & Jamal

'Bekah truly captures moments, which was awesome because we’re not very good at posing. She made it fun for everyone, helping us laugh and share raw emotion.'

“The moment we ended our first conversation with Bekah we knew she was the only person we wanted to photograph us on our wedding day. Her eye for capturing intimate moments is something not everyone possesses and she does so in the most meaningful ways. Her personality immediately calmed us down and her thoughtfulness made this experience truly one we won't forget. As we finished our first look moment she had us just take a few big breathes and really be in the moment that this is us and our day and it brought us to tears. During our portraits, it started to rain and Bekah ran to her car, grabbed umbrellas, and we continued to have a great time! During our reception my dress bustle broke and there was Bekah again, saving the day with safety pins. She even brought her own dog treats for our dog to enjoy during the day too!"

- Lexy & Steve

'If you're looking for someone to capture your unfiltered love and admiration for your person, Bekah is the person for you.'

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