I truly believe that you deserve to have your entire elopement day documented from start to finish. There are so many small, beautiful, candid moments that you’ll want to remember but that can’t happen unless we allow plenty of time. 

The more time you have, the less stressed and rushed you’ll be. The less rushed you are, the more you’re able to enjoy and be present in each moment. With more time and enjoyment of your day, you’ll get to have more natural, candid moments and that’s where the magic is! 

Because of that, my shortest package includes up to four hours of photography coverage. If you want to use less you can, but I charge the same rate because I want to ensure to have the time and flexibility needed. 


Absolutely! If you’re not sure where you want to elope I will help you through the process from start to finish. I’ll send a questionnaire to help you think through how you want everything to look and feel and then I’ll suggest locations based on your aesthetic, priorities, and date.

I will dig deep and find all the best spots while location scouting so you don’t have to! I’ll also send you a custom location guide with lots of options for your ceremony, portraits, and activities to make sure you have the most incredible experience that's aligned with your vision.

OMG YES PLEASE! I love dogs (I’ve got two crazy nuggets of my own), and it makes me so happy when couples include their pups in part of their elopement day.

Three things that help with this:
•I’ll bring lots of yummy treats for them 🙂
•I’ll make sure when location scouting to find options that are dog-friendly, because some trails and venues have animal restrictions
•Having a friend, family member, or professional dog handler along can be very helpful so that you can pass them off when needed.


Absolutely not! If hiking isn’t your thing or you don’t want to worry about getting too tired/sweaty on your elopement day, there are lots of other options to choose from! There are so many great locations in nature with beautiful views that are easily accessible via overlooks or short trails that we can use to get the adventure without the work. Note that the easier a spot is to get to, the more crowded it will be especially on weekends and evenings. 

If you’re the “indoorsy” type or eloping in nature isn’t your thing, there are so many great options for city elopements nearby. From Baltimore to DC, Lancaster, and NYC there are charming, eclectic, gorgeous locations for every aesthetic or vibe you could want!

Cities also offer so many opportunities for incredible experiences and elopement activities. Want to explore a new neighborhood, walk through a museum, go to a winery/pub, or have a sunset cruise? A city elopement might be for you!

Don’t worry, everyone (including me!) feels like this sometimes!

Being in front of a camera can feel really vulnerable, but it is my job to help you feel comfortable and confident and be with you through the whole process. And I promise it’s going to be so much easier than you think!

While I love to get candid, natural moments at times I’ll give you direction and prompts to help you feel at ease knowing what to do and to help bring out natural emotions.

Your only job is to stay present and focused on each other and we will create some magic together! :)

You’ll start hearing this a lot, but with elopements, the answer is almost always "whatever you want!" If you want to have a close friend, family member, or minister officiate your ceremony you can absolutely choose to do so.

Some places like DC and PA also offer the option for you to self-officiate to keep it really private and personal. I am also ordained and in (most) places can sign your paperwork for you too.

If you’re going to be traveling and none of those options sound good to you, lots of couples also choose to take care of the legal paperwork beforehand so that don’t have to worry about anything on their elopement day. It’s up to you! 

There is no need to stress about weather we can't control! The beauty of elopements is that they are flexible and unique each time. When you embrace the wilds of nature you can have an incredible day no matter the weather.

As long as it's not dangerous, we'll make the most of any conditions and go on! I've photographed elopements in the pouring rain that were so beautiful and memorable the couples said they wouldn't have changed a thing! That said, my priority is always for couples to feel comfortable and not stressed. If your timeline allows, we can watch the forecast and switch things around as needed and go to plan B or C.