Wooded Trail + Butterbee Farm Engagement Session

Mandy + Jimmy Engagement Story

Mandy & Jimmy met in 2014 after beating the tinder odds and finding their perfect match. A few years after they started dating, they planned a trip to Italy together. The night before they left they decided to pop a bottle of champagne, and while Mandy was snap-chatting the bottle pop, Jimmy got down on one knee and proposed. Isn’t that just so fun and very 2018?!

These two are so fun, hilarious, and full of life I couldn’t WAIT to photograph them at their engagement session. M&J are both big hikers and love to adventure with their pit bull pup Mika to new places all the time. So it shouldn’t have been any surprise that our first location for their session was this hole in the wall trail off of a reservoir that I’ve driven by 1,000 times and never seen before. The trail opened up to this path of beautiful pines and weaved down to the water where we found a little island that felt a bit magical.

After spending time by the water and in the woods, we changed gears and went to the gorgeous Butterbee Farm for some stellar sunset photos with – wait for it – a PIZZA picnic. Needless to say, this was one of the most fun and laid-back sessions and I am stoked for their spring wedding at Glen Ellen Farm next year because I know it will not only be a BLAST but be filled with warm, loving people who make everyone feel welcome.  <3

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