A Colorful Fall Weverton Cliffs Elopement

On a warm fall evening, Steph and Mike hiked up the Appalachian Trail with their close family and friends to one of their favorite spots for their Weverton Cliffs Elopement in Maryland.

Their day was truly so beautiful and encompassed many things I love about elopements- adventure, nature, simplicity, and intimacy. Stephanie, the bride, works in the wedding industry as a planner and while she’s helped many couples pull off incredible and intricate traditional weddings, when it came to her own she wanted something that felt way more relaxed and authentic to their relationship and personalities. So they decided to have a chill hiking adventure for their Maryland Elopement and it was one to remember!

Getting Ready and First Look at an Airbnb

One of the things that I loved about their day was that they chose a really pretty and spacious airbnb to use for the wedding where they could host their families and get ready in a more comfortable and relaxed way. It was also really important to them to include their three pets in their wedding. Since the dogs had some recent health issues and weren’t able to make the hike, it was a big priority for them to at the getting ready space together and included in a way that was comfortable and meaningful. The dogs lounged on their beds and even had shared celebratory cigar toys while Mack, their cat, explored the house. 

After Steph & Mike got dressed, they shared a private first look outside the airbnb. This meant that they also got to take some photos with the pets while they were in their wedding outfits which was really sweet. Then it was time to go to the cliffs! 

Maryland Elopement Photographer Evergreen 4 scaled
Bride getting hair and makeup done
Maryland Elopement Photographer Evergreen 3
Maryland Elopement Photographer Evergreen 1
Maryland Elopement Photographer Evergreen 5
Maryland Elopement Photographer Evergreen 6
Maryland Elopement Photographer Evergreen 10
Maryland Elopement Photographer Evergreen 11
Maryland Elopement Photographer Evergreen 8
groom details- watch and cigar and bowtie
black and white photo of bride and groom getting ready
Maryland Elopement Photographer Evergreen 15
Maryland Elopement Photographer Evergreen 16
Maryland Elopement Photographer Evergreen 19
Maryland Elopement Photographer Evergreen 18
Maryland Elopement Photographer Evergreen 20
Maryland Elopement Photographer Evergreen 22
Maryland Elopement Photographer Evergreen 21
Steph Mike Elopement 146 scaled
First look with bride and groom
Steph Mike Elopement 153
Steph Mike Elopement 155
Steph Mike Elopement 164
Steph Mike Elopement 168
Bride and groom with two dogs
Steph Mike Elopement 176
bride and groom with their cat
groom with a cigar and dog with a cigar toy

Maryland Hiking Elopement and Mountain Ceremony

We hiked up the short but steep path to the top of the mountain overlooking the Potomac River where Maryland and Harpers Ferry, WV meet.  After Mike’s dad performed the ceremony they did a traditional breaking of the glass moment to celebrate as well as sharing lots of hugs and a celebratory cigar.

couple starting hike with wedding outfits on backpacks
weverton cliffs maryland elopement 3
weverton cliffs maryland elopement 4
weverton cliffs maryland elopement 5
weverton cliffs maryland elopement 6 scaled
bride walking toward groom at ceremony on mountain
weverton cliffs maryland elopement 8
weverton cliffs maryland elopement 11
weverton cliffs maryland elopement 9
weverton cliffs maryland elopement 12
mountain wedding ceremony
weverton cliffs maryland elopement 13
weverton cliffs maryland elopement 14
weverton cliffs maryland elopement 15
weverton cliffs maryland elopement 17
weverton cliffs maryland elopement 16
weverton cliffs maryland elopement 18 scaled
bride and groom celebrating after being pronounced married
weverton cliffs maryland elopement 20
weverton cliffs maryland elopement 21
sunset weverton cliffs elopement maryland photographer10
Groom smoking a cigar

Sunset Mountain Wedding Portraits

After the ceremony, we got to watch the sun set over the water behind the hills and take their wedding portraits in the glow of the October light. One of my favorite details of the day was Steph’s gorgeous and unique veil from Belle Botanical Creations! Not only was it really fun and unique but it just glowed in the light of the sunset.

Just as it was turning to dusk, they gathered up their hiking backpacks, now donned with “just married” signs to go back down the mountain and off to a brewery reception.

sunset weverton cliffs elopement maryland photographer1
sunset weverton cliffs elopement maryland photographer2
Groom standing on edge of mountain with bouquet
sunset weverton cliffs elopement maryland photographer3
bride with embroidered veil and groom on edge of mountain at sunset
bride and groom embracing on edge of mountain
sunset weverton cliffs elopement maryland photographer6
sunset weverton cliffs elopement maryland photographer7
sunset weverton cliffs elopement maryland photographer9
sunset weverton cliffs elopement maryland photographer8
sunset weverton cliffs elopement maryland photographer16
sunset weverton cliffs elopement maryland photographer15 scaled
sunset weverton cliffs elopement maryland photographer14
sunset weverton cliffs elopement maryland photographer12
sunset weverton cliffs elopement maryland photographer17
matching hiking backpacks with just married signs
sunset weverton cliffs elopement maryland photographer20
sunset weverton cliffs elopement maryland photographer19

Vendors for the Weverton Cliffs Maryland Elopement:

Photographer: Evergreen Photo

Florist: Whitney Rhodes

Makeup Artist: Beauty by Jo

Hair Stylist: Wicked Beauty Co

Videographer: Steady and Sway

Planner (and bride!): Wild Love Collective

Bride’s Gown: Anthropologie Weddings

Bride’s Veil: Belle Botanical Creations